Salmon Oil Landmark Ω3 Plus with Barbeque 500ml

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Salmon Oil Landmark Ω3 Plus with Pork 500ml

Give the ultimate gastronomic experience to your pet, offering him in the most ideal way, a food supplement so valuable for his health.

With regular administration, we achieve:
Total health protection.
Strengthen the immune system.
Regulation of metabolism and body weight.
Joint protection.
Skin health, beautiful, shiny and healthy hair.
Suitable for: Dogs, cats


For quadrupeds with shaky health and chronic diseases.
For the stage of recovery from diseases and surgeries.
For the mating preparation period.
For the stage of preparation for participation in exhibitions and competitions.
Dogs with intense motor activity (hounds, guards, defense and service).
Beneficial properties:

Gives healthy and shiny hair.
Ideal for skin health, reducing sensitivity, dry skin and itching.
Anti-cancer activity proven for colon, prostate and skin.
Helps in the proper functioning of the kidneys and urinary system.
Regulates metabolism.
Anti-inflammatory action.
Helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and the heart.
Helps maintain an ideal body weight.
Takes care of the proper functioning of vision
The salmon oil that Landmark Ω3 Plus has is made from Scottish salmon.

Valuable Ingredients: Fatty Acids (EPA & DHA), Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants

Contents: 500ml

Administration: Daily and its use is recommended in a diet with dry food, canned, Barf or cooked food according to the dosage.

Small Breeds 1-2 doses / day
Medium Size 3-4 doses / day
Megalosome 5-6 doses / day

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