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sera super carbon 29g
Removes drug residues after treatment.
Removes dirt and water stains.
Phosphate free.
Effective for a long time.
Immediate help in cases of poisoning.
For clean safe water.
After the treatment of diseases, the leftovers that are no longer used should be completely removed and as soon as possible. This avoids additional precautionary measures that cause stress. Activated carbon sera super carbon removes these residues immediately, without side effects and without affecting the pH. Using carbon pellets, sometimes environmentally hazardous substances can be disposed of safely in the household waste, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Sera super carbon is particularly suitable for use in acute poisoning situations (eg when suspicious pollutants have entered during renovations, from the use of inappropriate decorations, overdoses, etc.) as well as for the removal of color discoloration of the water.

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